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Preliminary Technology and Science Validation Report  

Read and download the full EO-1 Validation Report.

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USGS/EO-1 website at

Questions and comments related to this document should be directed to:

Michael Flick
EO-1 Technology Transfer Manager
EO-1 Mission Office
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD 20771
Phone: 301-286-8146
Fax: 301-286-1736
E-Mail: Michael Flick

An important purpose of this website is to make available the information from the EO-1 Final Technology and Science Validation Report. Information from that report is divided up throughout this site in subpages under the major headings of EO-1 Extended Mission, General Mission, and Baseline Mission.

However, this section's navigation bar at the left contains the table of contents of the major parts of the Validation Report. These link to the associated sections of this page. Below you will find the expanded table of contents where you can download individual, full text sections of the entire Validation Report.

Table of Contents
Preface PDF
Part 1. Baseline Mission, Sections (1 - 4) PDF, Section 5 PDF, Sections (6 - 11) PDF
Part 2. Spacecraft Bus PDF
Part 3. Technology Validation

  1. Instrument Technology Overview PDF
  2. Spacecraft Technology Overview PDF
  3. Technology Validation Summaries and Reports, (the follwoing Summaries and Validation Reports are in PDF format)
    1. Introduction PDF
    2. Advanced Land Imager, Summary - Validation Report
    3. Hyperion, Summary - Validation Report
    4. LEISA Atmospheric Corrector, Summary - Validation Report
    5. X-Band Phased Array Antenna, Summary - Validation Report
    6. Wideband Advanced Recorder / Processor, Summary - Validation Report
    7. GSFC Enhanced Formation Flying, Summary - Validation Report
    8. JPL Enhanced Formation Flying, Summary - Validation Report
    9. Pulsed Plasma Thruster, Summary - Validation Report
    10. Lightweight Flexible Solar Array, Summary - Validation Report
    11. Carbon-Carbon Radiator, Summary - Validation Report
    12. LA-II Thermal Coating, Summary - Validation Report
Part 4. Science Validation

  1. Introduction PDF
  2. Key Issues PDF
  3. Validation Summaries PDF

    1. Abrams, Michael, Satellite and Airborne Remote Sensing Investigations PDF

    2. Asner, Gregory, Analysis of EO-1 Hyperion Imagery for Desertification Research Applications in Argentina Summary PDF

    3. Lobell, David and Asner, Gregory, Comparison of EO-1 Advanced Land Imager and Landsat Enhanced Thematic Mapper for Crop Identification and Yield Prediction in Mexico Summary PDF

    4. Barry, P., Raytheon, Mendenhall, J., Jarecke, P., Folkman, M., Pearlman, J., Markham, EO-1 Hyperion Hyperspectral Aggregation and Comparison With EO-1 Advanced land Imager and Landsat 7 ETM+ Summary PDF

    5. Schowengerdt, Robert and Biggar, Stuart, Radiometric Calibration, Spatial Characterization, and Spectral Evaluation of the Advanced Land Imager and Hyperion Sensors Summary PDF

    6. Bindschadler, Robert, EO-1 Ice-Sheet Investigations Summary PDF

    7. Boardman, Joseph, Hyperion Validation in Yellowstone National Park Using AVIRIS, HyMap, and Field Spectra Summary PDF

    8. Carlson, Barbara E., Correlative Analysis of EO-1, Landsat 7, and Terra Data of the Department of Energy ARM CART Sites: An Investigation of Instrument Performance and Atmospheric Correction Summary PDF

    9. Crawford, Melba,Neuenschwander, Amy and Ringrose, Susan, Investigations in the Okavango Delta Using EO-1 Data Summary PDF

    10. Crowley , James, Comparison of Airborne and Spaceborne Sensors for Remote Sensing Analysis of Potential Debris Flow Source Areas on Mount Shasta, California Summary PDF

    11. Flynn, Luke, Quantitative Analysis of Hot Spots Using EO-1 and Landsat 7 Summary PDF

    12. Goetz, Alexander F.H., Atmospheric Correction of Hyperion Data and Techniques for Dynamic Scene Correction Summary PDF

    13. Gong, Peng, Biging, Greg and Pu, R., Retrieval of Surface Reflectance and Estimation of Forest Leaf Area Index (LAI) Using Hyperion, ALI, and AVIRIS Summary PDF

    14. Goodenough, David, Hall, R., Iisaka, J., Leckie, D., Staenz, Karl, Dyk, A., Hollinger, A., Miller, J., Niemann, Olaf, Zwick, H., MacDonald Dettwiler and Pearlman, Jay, Evaluation and Validation of EO-1 for Sustainable Development (EVEOSD) of Forests Summary PDF

    15. Huete, Alfredo, Land Cover Conversion and Degradation Analyses Through Coupled Soil-Plant Biophysical Parameters Derived From Hyperspectral EO-1 Hyperion Summary PDF

    16. Miura, Tomoaki, Huete, Alfredo and Yoshioka, Hiroki, An Empirical Investigation of Reflectance and Vegetation Index Continuity/Compatibility Using EO-1 Hyperspectral Hyperion Summary PDF

    17. Graetz, Dean, Campbell, Susan, King, Edward, Lovell, Jenny and Jupp, David, Evaluation of Hyperion Performance at Lake Frome, Australia Summary PDF

    18. McVicar, Tom, van Niel, Tom, Datt, Bisun, Jupp, David, and Perlman, Jay, Assessing Hyperion Performance Using the Coleambally Irrigation Area Calibration and Validation Site Summary PDF

    19. Kruse, Fred, Evaluation and Geologic Validation of EO-1 Hyperion Summary PDF

    20. Liang, Shunlin, Using ALI Observations to Estimate Land Surface Biophysical Variables Summary PDF

    21. Liew, Soo Chin, Retrieving Optical Parameters of Coastal Waters Using Hyperion Data Summary PDF

    22. Smith, M.L., Martin, M.E. and Aber, J.D., Evaluation of Hyperspectral Requirements for Remote Estimation of Forest Ecosystem Composition and Function Summary PDF

    23. Matsunaga, Tsuneo, Costal and Inland Water Environmental Monitoring in Japan Using Hyperion Data Summary PDF

    24. McGwire, K. and Schultz, B., Hyperspectral Monitoring of Invasive, Non-Native Plant Species With EO-1 Hyperion Imagery Summary PDF

    25. Meyer, David, ALI Radiometric Processing System Summary PDF

    26. Bryant, R., Moran, M.S., McElroy, Holifield, C., Thome, K., Miura, T., and Biggar, Data Continuity of Earth Observation (EO-1) Advanced Land Imager (ALI) and Landsat TM and ETM+ Summary PDF

    27. Elmore, Andrew and Mustard, John, Comparison of the Precision and Accuracy of ALI and ETM+ Data for Semiarid Vegetation Studies Summary PDF

    28. Ramsey III, Elijah , Nelson, Gene, Rangoonwala, Amina and Ehrlich, Robert , Mapping the Invasive Species Chinese Tallow Summary PDF

    29. Roberts, D.A., Hyperion Applications and Validation for Fire Hazard Assessment in Santa Barbara, California Summary PDF

    30. Root, Ralph, Zarco-Tejada, Pablo, and Pinilla, Carlos, Identification, Classification, and Mapping of Invasive Leafy Spurge Using Hyperion, AVIRIS, and CASI Summary PDF

    31. Smith, James, Canopy Modeling and Satellite Comparison Studies Using EO-1 Summary PDF

    32. Townsend, Phil and Foster, Jane, Mapping Forest Composition in the Appalachians Using Data From EO-1 Hyperion, Landsat, and AVIRIS Summary PDF

    33. White, William A., Crawford, Melba, Erzurumlu, Sinan, Tremblay, Thomas and Raney, J.A, Evaluation of EO-1 ALI Data Through an Analysis of Land Cover and Land Use and Local Impacts of Hurricane Iris in Belize, Central America Summary PDF

  4. Principal Investigators Miscellaneous Reports MS Word PDF
  5. Conclusions PDF

Part 5. Images

  1. Introduction PDF
  2. Sample Images  PDF
  3. Image Ordering PDF
Part 6. Extended Mission PDF

  1. Introduction (Preliminary)   
  2. NASA/USGS Partnership (Preliminary)
  3. Supporting Information
    1. EO-1 Mission Continuity FY05 and Beyond (Oct. 4, 2004) PPT
    2. EO-1 NRO/NGA Presentation (Jan. 13, 2005) PPT
    3. Reentry Variance Memorandum PDF
    4. Reentry Parameter Table - JSC PDF
    5. Reentry Lifetime Graph JPG
    6. Life Limiting Components Table PDF
    7. Total Ionizing Dose Environment for the EO-1 Spacecraft PDF
    8. Refinement of Orbital Debris Assessment Report PDF

Part 7. Sensor Web / Test Bed Initiatives

  1. Overview PDF
    1. EO-1 Extended Mission Testbed Activities PPT
    2. EO-1 Testbed Overview 6-8-03 PDF
    3. Sensor Webs: Autonoumous Rapid Response to Monitor Transient Science Events PDF
    4. Automation: EO-1, Sensor Web, ST-5 PPT

  2. Sensor Web PDF
    1. Science Goal Monitor PPT
    2. Flood Sensorweb PPT
    3. Warts, Bumps, and Blemishes PPT
    4. Sensorweb Demo Scenario 1 Wild Fires 8-22-03 PPT
    5. Experimenting with Senosor Webs Using EO-1 PDF
    6. Remote Sensing Imagery Support for Burned Area Emergency Response Teams on 2003 Southern California Wild Fires PDF
    7. Science Goal Driven Automation for NASA Missions: The Science Goal Monitor PDF
    8. Linking Satellites Via Earth "Hot Spots" and the Internet to Form Ad Hoc Constellations PDF
    9. Experimenting with Sensor Webs Using Earth Observing 1 PDF
    10. Science Goal Monitor PPT
    11. Sensor Web Experiments PPT
    12. An Autonomous Earth Observing Sensorweb PDF
    13. Sensor Web Enables Rapid Response to Volcanic Activity PDF
    14. Students Work Aims to Improve Earth Observation URL, HTML
    15. JPL Sensor Web Homepage, URL
    16. Useful Sensor Web Capabilities to Enable Progressive Mission Autonomy PPT
    17. Transforming Space Missions Into Service Oriented Architectures PPT
    18. Challenges in Transforming Space Missions Into Service Oriented Architectures PPT
    19. A Service Oriented Architecture to Enable Sensor Webs PPT
    20. Making Space-based Sensors Discoverable on the Internet Using a Service Oriented Architecture and Open Geospatial Consortium Standards PPT
  3. Autonomous Sciencecraft Experiment (ASE) PDF
    1. Smarter Spacecraft: Science-Hunting Software for Robotic Explorers URL, HTML
    2. Spacecraft That Think for Themselves Developed URL, HTML
    3. Software Lets Satellite Make Its Own Decisions PDF
    4. New Software On NASA Spacecraft Monitors Active Volcano HTML
    5. The Autonomous Sciencecraft Experiment
    Onboard the EO-1 Spacecraft PDF
    6. The EO-1 Autonomous Science Agent PDF
    7. Preliminary Results of the Autonomous Sciencecraft Experiment PDF
    8. EOS Dynamic Replanning Using the Earth Phenomena Observing System PDF
    9. The Autonomous Sciencecraft Embedded Systems Architecture PDF
    10. JPL's ASE Homepage, URL
  4. Onboard Diagnostic Tools PDF
    1. Advanced Diagnostic System on Earth Observing One PDF
    2. Livingstone Model-Based Diagnosis of Earth Observing One PDF
    3. Livingstone On Earth Observing One PDF
    4. NASA Software Enables Satellite Self-Service Options In Space URL
    5. Livingstone in Space HTML
    6. Artificial Intelligence May Aid Space Mission Technical Glitches URL, HTML
    7. Lessons Learned in the Livingstone 2 on Earth Observing One Flight Experiment PDF

  5. Onboard Cloud Cover Detection and Prediction PDF
    1. EO-1 Onboard Cloud Cover Detection Validation Preliminary Report PPT
    2. Validation of On-board Cloud Cover Assessment Using EO-1 PDF
    3. Improving the Value of EO-1 Observations PDF

  6. Ground Adaptive and Phased Array Antennas PDF
    1. Optimizing Satellite Communications With Adaptive and Phased Array Antennas (paper) PDF
    2. Optimizing Satellite Communication With Adaptive and Phased Array Antennas (presentation) PDF
    3. Adaptive Ground Antenna Arrays for Low Earth Orbiting Satellites PPT
    4. Adaptive Antenna Arrays Give More Bang for Fewer Bucks HTML
    5. Adaptive antenna array could improve access to NASA’s Earth observing satellites URL, HTML
    6. Data from Space: Adaptive Array Network Could Improve Access to NASA’s Earth Observing Satellites URL, HTML

  7. Integrated Initiatives PDF
    1. Experimenting with an Evolving Ground/Space-based Software Architecture to Enable Sensor Webs PDF
    2. Autonomous Mission Operations Systems PDF
Part 8. Continuous Improvement Program MS Word

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview
  3. Mission Description
  4. Phase 1 - Accelerated Mission
  5. Phase 2 - Public Access
  6. Phase 3 - Sensor Web / Testbed Technology Development
  7. Phase 4 - Virtual Observatory
  8. Conclusions
Part 9. EO-1 Firsts PDF

  1. Hyperion Science Validation
  2. ALI Science Validation
  3. Spacecraft Bus
  4. Operations
  5. Poster

Part 10. Lessons Learned MS Word

  1. NRO (D. Mandl 07/14/03) Presentation PPT
  2. NRO (B. Cramer 07/14/03) Presentation PPT
  3. NRO (Workshop 08/18/03) Presentation PPT

Part 11. Technology Transfer and Infusion
Part 12. Failures & Anomalies
Part 13. Mission Conclusions
Part 14. Publications, Presentations and Articles MS Word

  1. Mission
  2. Sensor Web / Testbed Initiatives
  3. Spacecraft Bus
  4. Technology
  5. Science
Part 15. Acronyms and Abbreviations PDF
Part 16. Appendices html

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