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Page Title:  EO-1 Mission Technology Forum

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The EO-1 Mission Technology Forum (including the Hyperion Data User Workshop) was held August 14-17, 2001 at the Marriott Hotel in Greenbelt, Maryland. Over 150 attendees heard the latest technology validation status and viewed the latest imagery from the three EO-1 instruments. Below are the presentations, validation reports and other papers for downloading.

Subsection Title:  Presentations

  SEC.spacer imageTITLEspacer imagePRESENTER
  1a Agenda & Logistics Michael Flick
  1b Introduction Granville Paules
  2 New Millennium Program (NMP) Overview Christopher Stevens
  3 EO-1 Mission Overview & Status Nicholas Speciale
  4 Extended Mission  (Walk-on presentation - No charts) Bryant Cramer
  5 Advanced Land Imager (ALI) Design Overview Don Lencioni
  6 ALI Silicon Carbide Technology J. Robichaud
  7 ALI Focal Plane Technology Karl Blasius
  8 ALI Ground Test & On-Orbit Validation / Performance Jeff Mendenhall
  9 ALI Lessons Learned Costas Digenis
  10 ALI Technology Infusion Strategy Charles Bruce
  11 ALI Technology Summary & Open Discussion Costas Digenis
  12 Hyperion Design Overview Jay Pearlman
  13 Hyperion Ground Test & On-Orbit Validation / Performance Pamela Barry
  14 From Hyperion to the Future Steve Loer
  15 LEISA Atmospheric Corrector (LAC) Design Overview Dennis Reuter
  16 LAC Performance Validation Dennis Reuter
  17 LAC Overall Technology Assessment Dennis Reuter
  18 EO-1 Science Validation Team Status Stephen Ungar
  19 EO-1 Spacecraft Bus Mike Cully
  20a Carbon-Carbon Radiator (CCR) Dan Butler
  20b LA-II Thermal Coating Nicholas Teti
  21 Lightweight Flexible Solar Array John Lyons / Bernie Carpenter
  22a Enhanced Formation Flying (EFF) - GSFC Dave Folta
  22b Enhanced Formation Flying (EFF) - JPL Algorithm Joseph Guinn
  23a XPAA Background & Development Ray Huggins
  23b XPAA Technology Validation Ken Perko
  24 Wideband Advanced Recorder / Processor Terry Smith
  25 Pulsed Plasma Thruster (PPT) Charles Zakrzwski / Scott Benson

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Subsection Title:  Validation Reports

  Advanced Land Imager
  Carbon-Carbon Radiator
  LA-II Thermal Coatings
  Enhanced Formation Flying - GSFC  (Part 1),  (Part 2)
  Enhanced Formation Flying - JPL
  LEISA Atmospheric Corrector
  Lightweight Flexible Solar Array

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Subsection Title:  Other Papers

  Complete listing of ALI publications
  EO-1 NRA
  Hyperion SPIE Publication

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Subsection Title:  To Submit Comments

We'd like to hear from attendees regarding the Technology Forum. To submit comments or suggestions, please click  here.

section title: information contacts

Michael Flick
EO-1 Mission Technology Transfer Manager
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Phone: (301) 286-8146
Fax: (301) 286-1736
Email: Michael.R.Flick@nasa.gov
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