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Last Update: 11/18/02

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instruments and technologies
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section title: technology summary
The Earth Observing-1 (EO-1) Mission is flying three advanced land imaging instruments and seven revolutionary crosscutting spacecraft technologies. The three advanced imaging instruments will lead to a new generation of lighter weight, higher performance and lower cost Landsat-type imaging instruments for the Earth Science Enterprise. Additionally, the EO-1 Mission has flight validated a number of crosscutting spacecraft subsystem technologies which will enable future Earth and Space Science missions to be conducted using smaller, lower weight and reduced power spacecraft buses. See the EO-1 Instrument Image Map below to learn more about it.
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Each of the three instruments, being flown on the EO-1 spacecraft, incorporates revolutionary land imaging technologies which will enable future Landsat and Earth observing missions to more accurately classify and map land utilization globally. See instrument overview document. Point and click on each instrument in the image map, or use the text links below for more information.

    Advanced Land Imager
    Hyperion (Hyperspectral Imager)
    Atmospheric Corrector
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Seven crosscutting technologies which will reduce the cost, mass and complexity of future Earth observing spacecraft have been demonstrated by EO-1 and will allow more scientific payload to fly on future missions. Point and click on each technology in the image map, or use the text links below to find out more about each specific technology.

    X-Band Phased Array Antenna
    Carbon-Carbon Radiator
    Lightweight Flexible Solar Array
    Wideband Advanced Recorder Processor
    Pulsed Plasma Thruster
    Enhanced Formation Flying
    LA-II Thermal Coating
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section title: information contacts

Michael Flick
EO-1 Mission Technology Transfer Manager
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Phone: (301) 286-8146
Fax: (301) 286-1736
Email: Michael.R.Flick@nasa.gov
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Clickable Image of EO-1 Instruments and technologies 
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